Under Milk Wood Complete

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“I hold a beast, an angel and a madman in me, and my enquiry is as to their working…”

The words of Welshman, Dylan Thomas – a man bursting at the seams with life and language, who drank himself to death, aged 39. Perhaps the most brilliantly brutish and angelically insane poet of the mid-20th century.

This special  edition complete Tusi Note on Dylan Thomas’ famous play Under Milk Wood offers an extensive reading of this text by the published playwright and University Lecturer Martin Thomasson author of the acclaimed drama And Did Those Feet.

The ebook offers students and readers extended commentaries, analyses and exercises all designed to help students obtain higher grades in their essays and examinations.  This new edition includes ALL these sections within ONE ebook.  A bargain!

Under Milk Wood 1

Introduction to this ‘play for voices’ including brief biographical details.
Initial thoughts on how to approach the text.
Some observations on Thomas’s use of language.
Study exercises.

Under Milk Wood  2

The life force versus the death force.
The role played by ghosts in Under Milk Wood.
Representations of sex and love.
The conflict between those who suppress their passions, those who embrace them and those who seem to be ruled by them.
Study exercises.

Under Milk Wood  3

How Under Milk Wood regards the past – loss and love.
The representation of children and childhood.
Attitudes towards Polly Garter as a moral touchstone.
Study exercises.

Under Milk Wood 4

The play’s relationship with its audience (speaking to an audience of one).
Dylan Thomas’s world of super-abundance.
Captain Cat and the Reverend Eli Jenkins compared to First Voice and Second Voice.
More on Polly Garter.
The argument that Under Milk Wood is not a play.
Tomorrow is not another day – comfort or confinement?
Study exercises.

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