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Tusitala Revision Essays offers a unique service. All revision essays on the site are examples of publication level writing specifically created to expand students’ understanding of GCSE, A level and undergraduate texts. (AQA Anthology texts are a particular speciality).

Tusitala Revision Essays enriches students’ appreciation of texts being studied for examination bringing a stimulating and illuminating level of insight.

Each Tusitala Revision Essay is ‘signposted’ clearly and effectively ensuring that students are exposed to excellent practice in terms of organising and structuring their essays in both coursework and examination.

Years of experience has shown that students increase their learning through the example of alpha quality examples of good writing practice. These essays are learning tools only and should not be submitted as students’ own work. Tusitala holds copyright to all materials on this site.

New essays are submitted regularly to this site. Please contact us if you require a Tusitala Revision Essay on a text not already covered in the e-library.

All Good Wishes for Success in English,

Dr Janet S. Lewison M.A.

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The English Patient (undergraduate)
Bleak House (undergraduate)

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