PEEL Paragraphs/SEED your writing: Essay Writing Advice(GCSE English Tuition Bolton Manchester)

Are your essays lacking in something? Do they lack animation? Do they drift into unconsciousness?
Are they dead on arrival?
We at Tusitala Revision Essays can help.“The best essays always have a pulse- they are alive.”
Dr Janet S. Lewison, Lead tutor, Tusitala

SEED© your essays!

STATEMENTbegin with a governing idea or promise about the task set. Remember that an introduction is a contract with your reader and you must state clearly what you are doing and how you are going to do it. Outline each area of consideration in your essay. Make your point and bring in a technique too if you notice one.

EVIDENCE Support your statement with evidence from the text. Use quotation sparingly at all times. Ellipsis is useful to separate out the parts of the evidence best suited to your point.

EXPLANATION Explain how your evidence links to your initial opening statement. Pick out the most relevant parts of any quotation to support your explanation. Take up the individual words/phrases that clearly illustrate your original point.

DEVELOPMENT  Try to move the essay on by making another ‘statement’ that is relevant to both the title and your ‘promise’ at the beginning of the essay. Link your points clearly. Keep the sequencing of your essay coherent and clear. For example: ‘Another way in which Steinbeck shows the loneliness of Curley’s wife occurs when…’

Remember that all successful essays are well signposted, drawing attention to the relevance and purpose of each stage of the essay.  This ensures that the reader does not lose their way through your essay and manages to get to the destination without getting hopelessly lost!

Write with passion. Make sure your essays have a real heart-beat!

“Remember an accomplished essay grows. SEED© it!”

SEED© Tusitala 2006



  • Janet supported my two through both their English Language and Literature GCSE's after low mock results.  Her calm and patient manner alongside questioning, confidence building and encouragement made a significant impact resulting in successful passes. I would highly recommend her. Juliet Green, Bury
    Improved GCSE.
  • My son had two two hour sessions with Janet before his Cambridge Pre-U exam (similar to A Level)  for his English Literature Prose paper. These were, for practical purposes, done on the telephone, but they actually worked very well. Janet sent him some passages to look at beforehand as preparation and as a way into the discussion. Her knowledge of the subject was very impressive and she was able to extend and guide the discussion in many directions. She was able to help him identify major themes, symbols and use of language
    Mrs L London.
  • I work in the  legal services  and needed some help with my management report writing. Janet was able to give me guidance on how to structure reports, as well as how to get my ideas across effectively. I also found Janet great fun to work with!
  • English Tuition boosted my erudition! I have decided to study English now at A Level. 
  • Janet is an inspiration in all areas of her professional life. Her expertise and enthusiasm together foster profound and beneficial changes in others on both an intellectual and emotional level.
    Anna Sawkins
  • Janet gave me excellent tuition during my GCSE English and A Level English. I gained the result I needed each time. I found Janet very helpful and friendly.
  • Dr Janet Lewison is truly one of the most inspirational teachers I have ever met during my English language career. Exceptionally knowledgeable, very intelligent, creative, kind, doing teaching to the manner born. I was fortunate enough to get to know her during my studies at Bolton in 2005 when she took over the Short-story module. To this day, her way of presentation, teaching and knowledge of the subject matter have not been surpassed. She continues to be my inspiration even after years: Janet can be credited with my latest pre-occupation with Amy Bloom in terms of translation. She is passi
    Dr Klaudia Bednarova Gibova
  • I feel that Janet's teaching has benefited me a lot. The  advice she has given me with my work has been  phenomenal. I now feel more confident about my English studies. As a person Janet is kind, approachable and intelligent-very easy to speak to!
  • Janet Lewison is an intelligent, smart, funny, friendly English teacher extraordinaire! . Congratulations on your new site and for the future!
  • Since I was a child English teachers have always been my favourite teacher, and Dr Janet  Lewison was the best of all. Exceptionally knowledgeable, inspirational and outstandingly creative, she made genuine learning a great pleasure. I ended up with a First Class Hons. and Janet substantially helped me realise this. Her subject knowledge and wonderful ability to convey this in a friendly but inspiring way made her teaching both hugely enjoyable and deeply effective!
  • I have known Dr Janet Lewison for over 10 years both as a 'Mentor' and a colleague.  I first met Janet whilst doing a PGCE in Adult Learning at the University of Bolton and because I was fortunate enough to be taken on by the University's English Department for my Teaching Practice.  Janet at the time was a Tutor Mentor for another student (also doing Teaching Practice).  My Mentor became ill and Janet stepped into the breach even with a heavy teaching and mentoring workload. She was and still is a truly inspirational and supportive Mentor (I still regard her as such) and nothing was too mu
  • Fantastic! After having to leave school half way through a-level due to illness, Tusitala tutored me for all my a-level and within a year I had taken my AS grade, which had been a C at my former ‘prestigious’ boarding school, to an A*. I achieved an A* overall in my English literature a-level, gaining over 90% in all papers. And this was only with two hours or so a week! Tusitala is passionate about the subjects she teaches, and didn’t just ‘tick-boxes’ to get students through the A-level, like I had experienced with a lot of English teachers in the past. There was a focus on als
    Gill Ashcroft
  • I would just like to comment on Janet’s tuition with regard to my daughter. Janet was enthusiastic, encouraging and good fun  which has always encouraged my daughter to enjoy her tuition with Janet. My daughter began to attend tuition with Janet at the beginning of school year 9, she was finding school English lessons difficult and there was a lack of continuity in teaching and a deterioration in my daughters progress, which was why I sought tuition for her. My daughter made significant progress with Janet’s tuition and recently achieved a ‘B’ in her English GCSE. I attribute her succ
  • Shortly after starting my GCSE studies I realised that extra tuition in English would be hugely beneficial to me. My older brother had been in a similar position to me a few years before and he suggested that I speak to Janet, as she had helped him. I took his advice and a week later I had my first one to one lesson. I found Janet to be extremely welcoming and she made me feel comfortable and at ease which of course created a good learning environment. Throughout the weeks I spent with Janet I could feel my literacy skills improving and I grew a lot more confident in the subject. I went on

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