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English Tuition - Dr Janet Lewison

Tuition is Creative, supportive and dynamic. Learning is guaranteed to be fun!

My approach to English tuition is creative, encouraging and dynamic. Learning is guaranteed to be fun!

Encouraging students to feel more confident about their studies is an essential part of Tusitala’s tutoring.

Confidence for life through confident communication!

I am a highly approachable Independent Expert Private English/English Literature Tutor located in Greater Manchester with over thirty years of teaching and tutoring experience from Secondary to Postgraduate Degree levels. I hold a First Class Honours degree in English/Russian Studies, MA in Victorian Literature and a PhD in English Literature as well as a PGCE, QTS and a current DBS Enhanced Disclosure form. ( August 21018).

I am an INLPTA Master Practitioner and frequently combine academic tuition with coaching to improve motivation, confidence and creativity.  I am a trained facilitator with Liverpool’s influential Get Into Reading scheme.

I offer Expert Personal English Tuition and support for Revision at Key Stage 3, GCSE, A Level and Degree level. I also tutor Primary School Students for Entrance Examinations. Students benefit significantly from personal tuition and find their writing skills and understanding improve rapidly!

I offer supportive and insightful advice on essay writing, revision techniques and textual analysis to reinforce learning processes. I offer high-quality feedback on essays and dissertations at all levels of study. I will create a course of study to suit the particular needs and requirements of each individual student.

I offer English tuition to a wide range of students with many kinds of learning objectives and challenges.

I offer Creative Thinking Consultation for Student Essay Writers who feel ‘blocked’ and ‘stuck’ in their writing. Many students find their creativity greatly enhanced after just one session! NLP is a powerful and practical tool as Practitioners such as Paul McKenna and Michael Neill would illustrate.

NLP is also a very helpful tool for everyday life with its different challenges and events. NLP techniques can greatly enhance self-esteem and confidence. For a consultation, just email or ‘phone.

I offer incisive advice and remodelling for the UCAS Application Form Personal Statement. I have helped students succeed with their Oxbridge applications.

For those who require it, I will annotate and assess written work for an agreed fee. This has proved an excellent way for students at a distance to obtain illuminating advice and encouragement. This works particularly well for dissertations and long essays. My expertise is wide-ranging and extensive.

Tusi Notes are now available to buy on the site. Just the ideas you need to be different!

Dr Janet Lewison