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Welcome to Tusitala: Your Partner in English Tuition and Support!

At Tusitala, we believe in making English tuition a creative, supportive, and dynamic experience. With us, learning is not only guaranteed, but it’s also fun! Our approach to English tuition is centred around creativity, encouragement, and a dynamic learning environment.

Boosting students’ confidence in their studies is our utmost priority at Tusitala. We understand that feeling confident about one’s abilities is essential for success. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that our students feel empowered and self-assured through our tutoring sessions.

As an Independent Expert Private English/English Literature Tutor located in Greater Manchester, I bring over thirty years of teaching and tutoring experience from Secondary all the way to Postgraduate Degree level. With qualifications including a First Class Honours degree in English/Russian Studies, MA in Victorian Literature, PhD in English Literature, PGCE, QTS, and a current DBS Enhanced Disclosure form, you can trust in my expertise.

But my approach doesn’t stop at academic knowledge. As an INLPTA Master Practitioner, I frequently combine academic tuition with coaching to enhance motivation, confidence, and creativity. and I am a trained facilitator with Liverpool’s influential Get Into Reading scheme.

Whether you’re a student in Key Stage 3, GCSE, A Level, or pursuing a degree, I offer expert personal English tuition and support. I’m also experienced in tutoring Primary School Students for Entrance Examinations. With my personalized approach, students benefit significantly, witnessing rapid improvements in their writing skills and comprehension.

When it comes to essay writing, revision techniques, and textual analysis, I’m here to provide supportive and insightful advice. Additionally, I offer high-quality feedback on essays and dissertations at all levels of study. Each student’s unique needs and requirements are taken into consideration, and a tailored course of study is created to ensure optimal progress.

At Tusitala, we cater to a diverse range of students with various learning objectives and challenges. No matter your goals, we are committed to helping you excel in English and overcome any obstacles along the way.

Join us on this exciting journey of learning and growth. Contact us today to explore how Tusitala can support you in achieving confidence for life through confident communication!