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PEEL Paragraphs/SEED your writing: Essay Writing Advice(GCSE English Tuition Bolton Manchester)

Are your essays lacking in something? Do they lack animation? Do they drift into unconsciousness?
Are they dead on arrival?
We at Tusitala Revision Essays can help.“The best essays always have a pulse- they are alive.”
Dr Janet S. Lewison, Lead tutor, Tusitala

SEED© your essays!

STATEMENTbegin with a governing idea or promise about the task set. Remember that an introduction is a contract with your reader and you must state clearly what you are doing and how you are going to do it. Outline each area of consideration in your essay. Make your point and bring in a technique too if you notice one.

EVIDENCE Support your statement with evidence from the text. Use quotation sparingly at all times. Ellipsis is useful to separate out the parts of the evidence best suited to your point.

EXPLANATION Explain how your evidence links to your initial opening statement. Pick out the most relevant parts of any quotation to support your explanation. Take up the individual words/phrases that clearly illustrate your original point.

DEVELOPMENT  Try to move the essay on by making another ‘statement’ that is relevant to both the title and your ‘promise’ at the beginning of the essay. Link your points clearly. Keep the sequencing of your essay coherent and clear. For example: ‘Another way in which Steinbeck shows the loneliness of Curley’s wife occurs when…’

Remember that all successful essays are well signposted, drawing attention to the relevance and purpose of each stage of the essay.  This ensures that the reader does not lose their way through your essay and manages to get to the destination without getting hopelessly lost!

Write with passion. Make sure your essays have a real heart-beat!

“Remember an accomplished essay grows. SEED© it!”

SEED© Tusitala 2006