English Tuition Bolton Manchester: Creating a Villain- Count Fosco The Woman in White.

Villainy The villain is the hero of his or her own story. ..symbiotic relationship with hero… Unity of opposites? Your villain is a dark reflection of your hero’s wants, needs and desires.. he/she is doing what the hero would do,  If not constrained by morality, purpose, or righteousness… The villain may define the hero and vice versa…may ‘complete’ the hero…fulfil something lacking in the hero..for a time… If the hero is ‘haunted’ by his or her past…then the villain/antagonist may be within the psyche of the hero. A war going on within the hero between ‘good’ and ‘bad’, potency and impotency. A successful villain is both fascinating and repulsive. The villain stops the hero realising his/her dream. Very often more powerful than the hero but then loses power and potency as the hero grows on his/her journey… Maybe the nature of villainy subject to change unlike heroism?   EXAMPLE: Count Fosco in The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins.  (Narrated by protagonist  Marian Halcombe ) Reads like a ‘discovery’ rather than creation! (Bowen) He looks like a man who could tame anything. If he had married a tigress, instead of a woman, he would have tamed the tigress. If he had married me, I should have made his cigarettes, as his wife does–I should have held my tongue when he looked at me, as she holds hers. I am almost afraid to confess it, even to these secret pages. The man has interested me, has attracted me, has forced me to like him. In two short days he has made his way
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