Creative Writing Bolton Manchester Tuition GCSE: Contagion!

Dr Fabienne Ralphson declined a cup of tea and asked for silence. God, she loathed teachers. Look at them all assembled here this morning; she could  smell their disappointment, their passivity.  Why they bothered to laugh together was beyond her.  And now that tiresome Historian  was stapling paper.   Wasn’t she  a penned up creature waiting to die? Fabienne  turned over her wrist to admire her charming  watch.   All the wonders of the world reduced to a series of worksheets on bloody treaties.  The new headmistress surveyed the room.   Things were about to change.  She  lifted her gaze to the wooden posterity clock above the window. Good, she had twenty minutes to begin the modifications. There would be no questions today.  Dr Ralphson stood up and waited for the staffroom to run out of chatter. “Good morning everyone. Welcome back after your Christmas break. I trust you are all restored to your selves?  Imaginatively reinvigorated, Ino doubt? “She controlled her speech; clipping her consonants for effect.Let them hear her difference.  She was not one of them.  “My emphasis this term will fix upon a radical new learning model developed overseas. To great success, I might add.’’  Some shuffling. Some coughing. She waited for silence once more. ‘’ I can assure you of fascinating repercussions for students, and staff too.    It offers us all a unique direction.  For our purposes today, let’s baptise this system, let’s call it, Contagion. “   She waited for an
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