English Tuition Bolton Manchester: Point of View in Narrative-An Exercise.

I attempted this exercise on Curtis Brown’s excellent ‘ Start your Novel course’ and it does reveal how much the point of view of any narrative, substantially affects the outcome!  The use of first person POV when dealing with a speaker with grandiosity,  drained me!  When I switched to third  POV the story alters and new details emerge.  A very interesting exercise for testing out a character or situation. First person. My name is Dominica and I will never be the villain of anyone’s story. How could a greedy fool create such beauty as this? Let me make myself clear. Only the uninitiated could circulate such lies.  I am what this world so desperately needs. My antidote to mortality is my amber collection. It’s taken years to perfect a permeable resin powerful enough to encase the larger species. For years I rarely slept. I lost friends. I eschewed intimacy. I even practised upon myself. Thank you, for that flattering comment. Yes, I am a curator of live art- for God’s sake and my own. I am a slave to anti-clockwise time. Come with me inside and look about you please. This museum at Burgos gives sanctuary to the truly exceptional creatures of the world.  Have I not managed to turn back mortality’s relentless tide? Are not all these faces pure, sleeping peacefully, bathed in the magic of my amber’s healing light?  Do they not all astonish once more? What a tragic, vulgar waste it would be, to let the extraordinary rot away with the commonplace. I w
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