Gillian Clarke’s The Stone Hare: GCSE Unseen Poem Analysis-English Tuition Bolton Manchester

The Stone HareThink of it waiting three hundred million years, not a hare hiding in the last stand of wheat, but a premonition of stone, a moonlit reef where corals reach for the light through clear waters of warm Palaeozoic seas. In its limbs lies the story of the earth, the living ocean, then the slow birth of limestone from the long trajectories of starfish, feather stars, crinoids and crushed shells that fill with calcite, harden, wait for the quarryman, the timed explosion and the sculptor’s hand. Then the hare, its eye a planet, springs from the chisel to stand in the grass, moonlight’s muscle and bone, the stems of sea lilies slowly turned to stone.Gillian Clarke  What a example of a wondering, wandering, time travelling mind at work! Clarke is a magician, a conjuror of the ancient past, using words like a linguistic trapeze artist, transporting us through the ‘faith’ of her imagination. to places where everything began and where everything will end!  Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.   “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”  (Michelangelo)   I only came across this poem the other day. I was looking through Google for examples of ‘Unseen Poems for GCSE’ and stumbled upon this wonderful poem by Gillian Clarke. I admire her writing immensely and her ‘Cold Knap Lake’ is now one of my favourite poems- discussed here too. ‘Cold Kn
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