Creative Writing Bolton Manchester: Phoenix Writers Horwich with Ann Caldwell

The writer Ann Caldwell delivered an excellent session last week about dealing with time in narratives. She gave us several exercises and prompts. I tried ‘ I thought I heard a noise’ and played a little with time!Are we ever in the present at all?    The Amber Collector: Early Days.   I thought I heard a noise.  Pitiful in view of the circumstances. I’m not taken in. Why should I pretend I don’t know what’s going on? I’ve given up on deceit and guess what, I never ever forgive. So I’ll turn another page of my new book. And now another.  It’s about Amber. I want to be a collector. I feel it’s my vocation.  All these creatures preserved so incredibly, within amber’s honeyed prison. Like a miracle. Who needs God in the circumstances?  I feel such a sense of peace. Look at all those legs. Those antennae.  Even would you believe, the tiniest pair of eyes. All trapped in a lost time.   She’s screaming again. So Bloody noisy.  And so indiscreet. Sounds like opera to me. Theatrical sex is her specialty of course.   Not mine.    “I’m half Italian on my mother’s side,” she confessed to me within two minutes of our first meeting. She cupped my hand. I remember the scent of tuberose. My stepmother wears it when she is on the prowl. It’s overripe like her nature.   My father’s away working. I can’t even pronounce where.  And here I am. Home for the holidays.  Relegated to the turret room like R
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