Edward Gorey Creative Writing Prompt Summary: English Tuition Bolton Manchester

  Today, following on from Anne’s unicorn on the bus, we are going to create another extraordinary story world.   This world will be shaped around an AVENUE or CUL DE SAC, probably in the past, where an extraordinary, magical neighbour lives at number 9!   You’re going to explore the character of your extraordinary neighbour at number 9 and his or her effect on the Avenue’s community (and vice versa) through a storyteller who may be extraordinary too. Your story teller can be of any age, inclination or even species!   And you’re also going to invent and describe several neighbours of number 9 on the Avenue.  They may be friendly or may be otherwise inclined!     Finally, you are going to write the opening paragraph of your Avenue tale, and baptise it with a name, so it will not go away! 
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