Spider-Man Film Review by Mark Wrigley English Tuition Bolton Manchester

Thankfully, Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man is a Superhero who gets a rush out of his powers. After a flashback prologue, the film opens with a wonderful sequence, shot partly POV in 3D, where we and SM fly and acrobatically plunge, tumble and hurtle high up through the skyscrapers that set out the city streets, in the pursuit of a truck pursued by masses of police cars. Spider-Man whoops with exhilaration, and it’s infectious, especially when his mobile rings and it plays the theme from the 60′s cartoon series. The film makers obviously partly wanted to give us a good time watching this film, but they also had another impulse that is given away from the start. The film opens with a sequence showing how Peter Parker’s parents were effectively murdered, pop misery at being parent-less an apparently essential trope of Superhero movies. We might have been able to get past this if the film had concentrated on the humour and kinaesthetic rush that Spider-Man experiences in his daily superhero duties, but this is an action movie with an estimated budget of 200,000,000, and a 2 hr 22min run time – the pleasures to be had are going to be curtailed by the self-importance and trite bombast that goes with a film being an ‘event.’ The betrayal of the film’s pleasure-giving side is shown in the schizoid nature of that initial chase – the gag where Spider-Man’s phone rings and plays that familiar theme is undercut by the nature of the call. Almo
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